The Miami Kosher 


    The Miami Kosher Ko-Op is a non-profit organization working to increase access to affordable, kosher, nutritious food for hard-working families throughout South Florida. The Ko-Op has established relationships with a number of suppliers in order to provide the best possible prices. 

    In order to provide customer friendly service, and hold our prices down, we will operate solely through prepaid accounts. Weekly orders are to be submitted by Monday noon and are to be picked up on Wednesday evening (most weeks) by appointment.

Helping Hands Food Ko Op established an interest free loan fund at the request of a donor and with Board approval in December 2018. The first loan was granted in February 2019.

Dedicated funds maintained in separate accounts are used for the loan program.

We have moved to:

 2585 NW 21 Terrace, Miami FL 33142

Only 13 minutes away from the old Location.