Premium Meat Club

בעלי בשר 

Helping Hands Food Ko Op is partnering with M&D Glatt to offer a Premium Meat Subscription Service, delivering weekly to your home.

For the cost of $5,000 per year you get a donation receipt for $3,000, which helps feed more than 1,000 families, as well as $2,000 of amazing meat. 

We are offering Superior quality American Beef (high choice- Prime) and a selection of Full blood American Wagyu.

Our pricing is on the linked form. 

This meat is not available anywhere else in South Florida and the pricing is spectacular. 

Beit Yosef Available

You will pay a similar price for our American cuts as you would pay for imported meats in most supermarkets. 

You may order as much meat as you like.  

The first $2,000 is prepaid.  Anything above that gets charged when you order.  You are also eligible to order anything else that the Ko Op carries, as a sponsor.  

Orders need to be placed 2 weeks in advance (by Sunday Midnight) to receive the next  week on Thursday. 

We will deliver to your door, or to the front door of a building (security/ valet, or you can meet us).

Kosher. Nutritious. Affordable. 

The Helping Hands Food Ko-Op believes every Jew should have access to affordable and 

nutritious kosher food, 

regardless of income. That's why we're dedicated to 

empowering hard-working 

families in South Florida by 

offering affordable, kosher, 

nutritious food in a dignified 

.online shopping experience.

The Experience

The Helping Hands Food Ko-Op offers families a seamless on line shopping experience on par with your supermarket. 

You can search through hundreds of high-quality items, add to your cart, check out, and pay through one secure website. All at significantly discounted prices. 

All Your Family's Food Needs

We carry over 400 items,  including fresh meat, poultry, fish, dairy, produce, and more.  AVAILABLE FOR ANY BUDGET 

Our selection of high-quality food is sold at reduced prices to accommodate challenging financial situations. Financial assistance is also available for those in need. No one goes home empty-handed. 

The Helping Hands Food Ko-op currently serves :

 Miami Beach, North Miami Beach, Surfside, Boca Raton, Hollywood & Coral Springs.

We also offer 

Loan Gemach 

The Helping Hands Food Ko-Op now offers interest-free loans. Nearly half a million dollars have been loaned to date! 

Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more. Of course, all discussions are kept confidential.

We Empower: