Steps for ordering:

Steps for ordering:

1. Please place your Pesach order using this form.

2. After placing an order, you will receive a confirmation message on your screen, as well as an email confirmation of your order. 

If you do NOT receive this message, it means your order was NOT submitted and you will need to place your order again.

3. Pickup time for Pesach is now integrated.  There is no need to place a seperate pickup time

4. Customers will be required to pay the estimated cost of their order upon confirmation.  If 100% payment is difficult, 75% is acceptable.  The balance can be settled at pickup (or in advance of delivery) time. 

5. Please do not order if you aren't committed to pay for it.  The items are reserved for you and unavailable for anyone else to order. 

6. If you expect  to receive credit, sponsored by another organization, please let us know by email with Pesach Credit as the subject line so we can make sure to process your order in a timely fashion. 

Please note, delivery fee and tax are not included in your order estimate.  Please take that into account if you are trying to shop up to your credit limit.

If you are being prompted for a password, please refer to the weekly email we sent you or contact us at  

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